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"Adam is great to work with! ...Does his homework, always striving to do better and learn more... quality musician, can't say enough!" - Jon Rabideaux of Brother Jon Band


"Our full-time variety band "Rhino" needed a reliable, solid drummer to fill in for a few months. We ran auditions looking for the right stuff. Adam auditioned like a pro, knew what to play and what not to play. He was open to playing with a click or without and was comfortable using an in-ear monitor system. When we audition, skill and talent, which Adam has plenty of, are just as important as being on time, reliable, honest and easy to communicate with. Adam was the full package, a great guy with huge talent and skill in many styles. If we ever need a drummer, for a permanent spot or to fill in, Adam would absolutely be my first call." -Eric Kratochvil

Adam Lain is a freelance percussionist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Adam works a wide variety of genres including Funk, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Country, EDM, Blues, Hip-hop/Rap, R&B, Folk, Acoustic, Pop-punk and more! 


Working with solo artists such as Award winning Nashville singer/songwriter Russ Parrish, award winning guitarist/composer Joe Flip, William Farr of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light (featured on Nat Geo, MTV, Discovery Channel and more), Jon Rabideaux of Brother Jon Band (Winner of both 93x and Famous Dave's Battle of the Bands), MN Reggae-Rock group Irie Minds, Artist/composer Joshua Milton, Sam Licari of Sam Licari and the Sweet Tease, Justin Barts of Justin Barts and the Way Out, Corey Rae White, Brian Naughton, a variety of touring acts as well as producers and performing acts around the Midwest region, has bolstered Adam's capability to provide services that include live performance, studio/session recording, arrangement and consulting, education, production and more.


Adam has performed with dozens of live acts including Rhino, Russ Parrish Band, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth, Varsity Rejects, Hurrah! A Bolt of light, Kalliah and the Blackwater, Brother Jon Band, Sam Licari and the Sweet Tease, Corey Ray White Band, Matt Schatza Trio, Joe Flip, Perfect Liars, Brian Naughton Band, Neon Giant, Irie Minds,The Science Project, Consider Me Phil, several worship groups and many other live acts around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

“Working with Adam has elevated my music in more ways than I can explain. The passion and dedication he puts into practicing, learning, and writing parts to songs are unmatched. His heart and soul go into every part he plays, and you can tell by his work.” 

Adam lain


- Russ Parrish

7/12 Meister's | Justin Barts ATWO
7/13 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
7/15 Breezy Point| Varsity Rejects
7/16 Breezy Point| Varsity Rejects

7/17 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
7/20 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
7/22 Forestville Vines | Justin Barts ATWO
7/23 Maverick's Corner Pub | Justin Barts ATWO
7/24 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
7/27 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
7/28 Harbor Bar Reggae Fest | Irie Minds
7/29 Zorbaz Park Rapids | Irie Minds
7/30 Zorbaz Park Rapids | Brother Jon Band
7/31 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
8/3 Burnsville| Russ Parrish
8/5 Schafer | Brother Jon Band
8/7 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
8/10 Burnsville| Russ Parrish
8/12 Zorbaz Green Lake | Brother Jon Band
8/13 Forestville Vines| Justin Barts ATWO
8/14 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
8/17 Burnsville| Russ Parrish
8/19 Zorbaz Park Rapids| Irie Minds
8/20 Wolfe's Den | Brother Jon Band
8/21 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
8/24 Burnsville| Russ Parrish
8/25 Galactic Get Down Fest| Irie Minds
8/27 Forestville Vines | Justin Barts ATWO
8/28 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
8/31 Burnsville| Russ Parrish
9/2 Inn Kahoots| Brother Jon Band
9/3 Chetek| Brother Jon Band
9/4 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
9/11 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
9/17 Private Event| Irie Minds
9/18 Cambridge | Horizon Worship 
9/23 The Garage| Justin Barts ATWO
9/24 Forestville Vines| Justin Barts ATWO
9/25 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
10/2 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
10/9 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
10/16 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
10/22 Brookside | Justin Barts ATWO
10/23 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
10/29 Forestville Vines | Justin Barts ATWO

4/1 Pimentos | Irie Minds
 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
4/6 Mankato U | Irie Minds w/ Tai Verdes
4/9 Maverick's Corner Bar| Justin Barts ATWO
4/10 Cambridge | Horizon Worship

4/14 Uptown VFW | Irie Minds
4/16 10k Brewing | Matt Schatza Trio (Ms3)
4/17 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
4/23 Inn Kahoots | Brother Jon Band
4/24 Cambridge | Horizon Worship

4/28 Republic at MSP | Irie Minds
4/29 10k Brewing | Sam Licari and the Sweet Tease
5/1 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
5/8 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
5/15 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
5/21 Inn Kahoots | Brother Jon Band

5/25 IPR | Justin Barts
5/25 Prior Lake | Justin Barts and the Way Out 

5/27 Revival Festival | Irie Minds
5/29 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
5/29 Fosters Dugout | Russ Parrish

6/1 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
6/3 "The Bar" | Brother Jon Band
6/5 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
6/8 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
6/10 Windmill Days |Brother Jon Band 
6/11 Centerville | Justin Barts and the Way Out

6/12 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
6/15 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
6/17 Madden's | Russ Parrish 
6/18 Madden's | Russ Parrish
6/19 Cambridge | Horizon Worship 
6/22 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
6/24 Zorbaz Green Lake| Brother Jon Band 
6/25 The Garage | Irie Minds

6/26 Cambridge | Horizon Worship
6/29 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
6/30 Omni Brewing | Ms3
7/1 Zorbaz Park Rapids | Ms3

7/2 Tally's Dockside | Justin Barts and the Way Out
7/3 Cambridge | Horizon Worship

7/6 Burnsville | Russ Parrish
7/7 Forestville Vines | Justin Barts ATWO

7/9 The Garage| Irie Minds
7/10 Cambridge | Horizon Worship




Whether booking a club, venue, brewery, winery, wedding or private event, Adam Lain Music can accommodate with a variety of live acts! If you are looking for artist for hire, consultancy, production or education, you can also reach Adam by submitting the form below!

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